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Montreal Church of England Primary School

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Our Curriculum


The curriculum at Montreal Church of England Primary School follows the National Curriculum requirements for 2014. As well as fulfilling academic needs, we aim to provide a varied and stimulating education that takes into account the individual needs and strengths of all our pupils. The National Curriculum expectations for all subjects are explained in the documents below.



Throughout the school we think carefully about the skills that each group of children need to develop in different curriculum areas. To ensure that our children are developing specific knowledge and the progression of skills outlined in the government frameworks we have researched the skill progression for each subjects. Please view the key skills documents below which outline expectations for skills and knowledge for each year group.


Mathematics Curriculum


When teaching Mathematics throughout the school we use the White Rose guidance to inform each teacher's long-term and weekly planning. The long-term plans below, which are taken from the White Rose guidance, show which areas of Mathematics the children will be covering throughout the year. 

Maths Calculation Policy

Our Learning Challenge Curriculum


We have introduced the Learning Challenge Curriculum in September 2017. This scheme of work has been developed to ensure that there is full coverage of the National Curriculum. The learning challenge curriculum ensures that there is breadth and balance in our coverage of the National Curriculum while setting our clear progression in the skills that are being developed across the different year groups.


The concept of the Learning Challenge Curriculum is built around the idea of greater pupil involvement in their work and it encourages the pupils to use questions as starting points for their learning. The ethos that underpins the Learning Challenge approach encourages teachers to check on what the children already know, any misconceptions that they may have before inviting the pupils to think of their own learning questions that they would like to learn more about. Each Learning Challenge has a suggested 'wow' factor and a reflection activity. opportunites have been built into the Learning Challenge curriculum to allow the children to make links with English, Maths, ICT and other subjects from the the National Curriculum.


The learning challenges for each year group will highlight the essential knowledge, skills and understanding that have to be covered to guarantee that the pupils are developing the essential skills alongside the National Curriculum requirements.


Each class teacher will produce a termly newsletter about the learning challenge that they are following that term. Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you would like to find out more about the learning challenges being followed in each class.



EYFS Curriculum


Each year in Reception Class we follow the interests of the child to plan topics. Our first topic has been taught through one of our learning challenges, ‘What do I know about me? This is the starting point for topics to arise, so that we can spend time getting to know the children and seek their interests to help plan our next topic. Thereafter, we will be carrying out different learning challenges each week following the learning and interests of the children at that time. Here are some learning challenges that we may carry out during this year depending on the children’s interests throughout the year:

  • Why are there so many leaves on the ground?
  • Who are the famous characters in my books?
  • Are all minibeasts scary?
  • Was it once upon a mixed-up time?
  • Is everybody’s home the same?
  • How can we help Cinderella have a ball?

Our Curriculum Overview



At Montreal Church of England Primary School we use the resources from the Read Write Inc scheme for teaching phonics. This enables children to read through recognising the sounds represented by different letters.


Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have a dedicated phonics lesson each day which is then followed up in their daily literacy lessons.


Children in Key Stage 2 have a discreet Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling lesson daily which then links to their literacy lessons.