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Congratulations Year 2!

We are absolutely delighted to have found out that Year 2's enterprise company 'Cleator Moor Cookies' has been awarded the Most Profitable Business award in this year's Bright Stars event. Our children were competing against 40 schools in our area and were some of the youngest children taking part. 

We are so so proud of our Year 2 children and of the time, dedication and effort they put in to creating a successful business. We are so thankful for all of the support we were given by children, parents, staff, William and Lisa King and our local community. 

The children worked together to decide which charities they would like  to support with the money raised, and they decided to donate to the Blood Bikes UK and Calderwood House in Egremont.

Our children were incredibly caring and thoughtful throughout the process, telling us that they wanted to help give back and support our local community. One example of their thoughtfulness and sensitivity was when they visited The Gables and donated cookies and cards to those who might need a little bit of extra love on Valentine's Day. 

Well done Year 2, you are little superstars and we are so proud of you!