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School Closure Update

We have just received this information from Cumbria Country Council in regards to the plans for school closure.


  1. As directed nationally, all schools are closing at the end of the day on Friday.
  2. Strategically necessary schools and/or settings, directed in consultation with the LA, will open on Monday to provide childcare for parents in priority workforce groups and vulnerable children.
  3. At 11am Friday we will take snapshot of parental demand data that is currently being gathered. So far almost 3000 parents have indicated they will need to use this provision.
  4. As soon as possible after 11am Friday we will contact schools and settings that we would like to open on Monday based on the map of demand.
  5. By 5pm Friday we aim to be communicating with parents to inform which schools and settings they should be taking their children too. All parents who have completed the survey have provided contact details.
  6. Arrangements and protocols for how children will physically register at schools and settings on Monday morning are being worked through and further information will follow. Parents will be requested to bring identification and proof of employment.
  7. In most cases those schools and providers that open on Monday will be staffed by people who already work there. We may need to ask schools and settings to work together from identified bases.
  8. Arrangements will be reviewed throughout Monday and refined as necessary.
  9. All schools and settings will be provided with a letter to parents explaining these decisions.


This is unprecedented and complicated. We do not expect it to work perfectly straight away and some parents will be unhappy. That is unavoidable. We are in a national emergency and people will have to make allowances.

Thank you for your support.