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This is a fantastic story read by another Mr Howes, my Dad. He is actually speaking English although he does sound like he is from another country. Listen carefully and look for the words that he says differently to you.
Have a look in books and on your tablets to find as many creatures that come out at night (nocturnal) and how many animals that come out during the day (diurnal). See if you can count both types and then add them together.

Hope you all enjoy the story and I will post more stories next week.

Some Dogs Do, Story time with Mr Howes.

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This video is to accompany the learning for week 2.

Home learning week 2       14/04/2020


Hello boys and girls, I hope you have all had a nice Easter and not consumed too much chocolate. Well we are all still at home but we must keep up with our learning just like we would be doing if we were at school. Thank you so much to everyone who has uploaded pictures on Tapestry, I have loved looking at these and seeing all of your happy faces, please keep this up as it is essential to your child's educational development.

I have read one of my favourite books to you, it is called ‘Some Dogs Do’.

Listen to the story very carefully, you can do this as many times as you need to. I have a few challenges for you to complete.




In the story Sid felt sad when his friends did not believe him when he told them he could fly. How do you think it made him feel? What could you do to make him feel better? Have a go at writing a sentence about the two questions above, you can write the sentence on a sheet of paper, with some chalk outside on the ground or write it any other way you can think of.

When your child has written their sentences please take a picture and upload it to tapestry. Please support you child with sounding out the letters needed for each word and remind them about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



In the story Sid could fly very high and go a long way, your challenge is to go out in your garden and jump as far as you can. start at a point on the ground and then jump as far as you can. You can them measure how far you have jumped using your feet, one in front of the other or use a tape measure. Record your distance and then try to beat it. Swing or flap your arms to see if you can go further and then re-measure your jump. Ask a sibling of parent to have a go and then measure their jump too. Again please take a picture of this and upload it to tapestry.




In the story Sid could fly even though he is a dog, can you make a list of all of the creatures that can fly? Have a look in your garden you might be able to see some in action look on flowers and in the sky. Challenge yourself to count and name as many creatures as possible, you don’t have to see all of them name ones that you know from memory or even ones that lived a long time ago.


Have a walk around your garden and look for the signs of spring, you could even do both of these challenges on your daily exercise with a nice nature walk around the area that you live. When you have completed your walk, make a spring signs poster with lots of examples of what you have seen. Use lots of colour to show what spring looks like and you could even stick items you have found like a flower, leaf or lamb’s wool.

have a go and take a picture to put on tapestry.


Everything that you put on Tapestry is essential to your child achieving their end of year goal. The things that are put on Tapestry will allow me to see your child's learning and add goals to each piece of work they do. Each challenge completed will add to your child's overall learning.


Thank you all again for the fantastic things that have already been put on Tapestry, if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me either through tapestry on the Reception Email:

I will answer any questions as soon as possible.

Please stay safe and look after one another, I cannot wait to see you all again soon,

Mr Howes.

Knowledge Organiser Spring 1.

Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to Reception Class with Mr Howes!

Mrs Nicholson, Miss Robertson, Miss Cass and Mrs Hoyle will also be supporting at different times throughout the week.

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Autumn Knowledge Organiser