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Year 5


Homework and Spellings will be posted on Tapestry and this class page on a Friday to be completed by the following Friday. Each child has been given the logins they will need to access their homework, if you have any problems please let me know! 


Spelling groups:

Your child will have been assigned to one of four rainforest groups for their spellings and will be made aware of this in class. 


We are encouraging learners to read three times a week or more, if you can please take the time to share a story or listen to your child read. 

Maths Homework:

Each week the children are given a times table for them to learn. They are expected to spend 30 minutes throughout the week on times table rockstars to help them to practise the given times table. Our times tables this week are: 

Group 1 - 9s 

Group 2 - 3s

Group 3 - 10s

Practical Maths Homework 19/03/21:


Following on from our fantastic Maths day last Friday, for this weeks’ homework activity, I have set you a selection of fraction questions which I would like you to complete practically. You can use objects or food items in your home to show each of the questions and the final answer you have calculated. For example, you could use the squares of a chocolate bar to represent the pieces of a fraction, you could use sweets, fruit or tins, the choice is yours. Here are the questions I would like you to complete and take a photo of. If you are unable to take a picture, you can draw the items you used underneath each question for me to see. Please complete and return this homework by Friday 26th March 2021, you will also find copies of this homework on google classroom and our school website.

Maths Day 12/03/21:

On Friday we celebrated Maths day, we had so much fun doing lots of different Maths themed activities, we made times table flowers, created our own smoothies using measuring to help us and created the tallest towers using marshmallows and spaghetti! We also took part in a Maths hunt outside where the children had to find the questions scattered around the Astro turf and answer them correctly.  

British Science Week:
This week in school we have been celebrating British Science week, we watched a fantastic assembly from Miss Bragg and played herd immunity Jenga together, this helped us to have a great discussion about vaccines and why they are important in fighting diseases. 

Maths Knowledge organiser - Multiplication and Division:

French Homework 13/11/2020:


In addition to our Spellings this week, I have set the children a short French quiz on google classroom. Your child has brought home a login sheet with them and this contains all of the usernames and passwords which they will need to access any homework and online learning. 


To access this homework, please type google classroom into the search bar, -

click on the first option that comes up on the search results and this will take you to the google for education homepage. In the top right corner, you will see a sign in button, please click this and a dropdown box will appear, select google classroom. The page will then prompt you to login, use your child's school email and password which can be found on the 'google classroom' section of their login sheet. Once logged in, your child should be able to see their year 5 class, if they click on this they will be able to see the stream of work and will be able to see the quiz I have set for them. Please make sure they complete the quiz and press submit at the bottom to save all of their answers. 


If you have any issues or problems logging on please let me know and I will do my best to assist you. 

Maths Homework 06/11/2020:

In preparation for Maths week England next week, our Maths homework this week is to go on times table rockstars and practise our times tables so that we are ready to win the Rock Out! Remember there will be dojo points awarded each day for those that play daily!

For the Rock Out next week, I have sent home a short letter explaining the rules and how to access the competition. I have also copied this information below


ROCK OUT 2020:
For every correct answer to a multiplication or division question, your child will earn their class a point. The Times Tables Rock Stars platform will calculate the class average (the number of correct answers per pupil in the class who play during the competition hours). Winning classes in the school and in the country as a whole will be the ones with the highest average.

All game modes (Gig, Garage, Studio, etc.) will count but only from games played between 7.30am and 7.30pm on Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th, Friday 13th and Saturday 14th.

In the spirit of the competition, please don’t play on their behalf but by all means encourage and support them to the extent that it doesn’t cause high stress levels or impact on family plans. We suggest a limit of half an hour a day outside school hours – some will play more, some will play less.

We would like to win best class in the school, so lets get practising!!

Homework 02/11/2020:


Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a lovely first day back at school. Your homework for this week will be to recap the spellings which you learnt last term, we will test these spellings on Friday (7/11/20) to see how many you have remembered. All of the previous spellings can be found here on tapestry or alternatively on the school website.


For your Maths homework this week is to practice your times tables on times table rockstars, ready for the Maths week competition beginning on the 9th November. We will be competing against other schools in the area and we want to achieve the highest position possible!

There will be dojos available for those who successfully complete their homework, as well as those who score the most points during the competition.


Miss McMinn

Maths Homework:


Your child will have been told which homework they need to complete. 

Group 1 - Roman numerals recap

Group 2 - Place value activity 

Group 3 - Number bonds 


In addition to this, learners need to be logging onto times table rockstars to practice their times tables each week. They will have times tables allocated to them on the site for them to practice and learn. 

Maths Homework 02/10/2020:

For our Maths homework this week, learners have been set times tables on times table rockstars. Each child has been provided with their logins to help them access this homework. Please support them to make sure they complete this work. 


Literacy Homework:


For our Literacy Homework this week, I would like learners to explore the different word classes. This is an important task as it will support them with their independent writing in the coming weeks. To complete the task, learners must research the word class, write a definition to help them remember it and in the final column they must write down two or three examples. 

Science/Geography Homework:


This half term in Geography we are studying rainforests and in Science we are exploring living things and their habitats. Your task for this week is to choose a rainforest animal and create a short fact file. I have included some templates to help you. I look forward to receiving your animal fact files! 

Maths Homework 21/09/2020:


This Week I have asked the children to practice their times tables using times table rockstars. Every child has been given a copy of their login to access the site and have been told which times table they are focusing on this week. We will be doing a short times table challenge on Friday! 


Once again, if you have any issues completing this homework please let me know and I will do my best to support you in any way possible.

Maths Homework 14/09/2020


This Week I have asked the children to practice their times tables using times table rockstars. Every child has been given a copy of their login to access the site and have been told which times table they are focusing on this week. We will be doing a short times table challenge on Friday!  if you have any issues completing this homework please let me know and I will do my best to support you in any way possible smiley 

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