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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


During the second half of the Spring Term, the Year 6 children will be focusing upon the following learning challenge questions:


Could you be the next Nintendo Apprentice?





Science Week 


Year six are enjoying participating in Science week this week. The children have used their scientific knowledge to set up an experiment to investigate how quick metals will rust when they are exposed to water, salt water and lemon juice. We cannot wait to find outs which liquid has the biggest effect on the different types of metal at the end of the week. 

Dragon’s Den


We have received a challenge from the Dragons to design and create a board game, which uses an electrical circuit. Today we worked in our teams to revisit our existing knowledge of creating circuits which light up a bulb, sound a buzzer or make a motor spin. 





As part of our work on classification keys we have explored the different questions that we could ask to enable us to classify a number of different types of sweets. We used our questions to develop our own classification systems for sweets.




To introduce our new geography topic the children took part in an orienteering challenge. The children were given a map of the school grounds and they have to use their map reading skills to find the location and to identify the map symbol hidden underneath a cone located in each area. They also had good conversations about human and physical features around school as they travelled around. 

Year 6 SATs

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